How to Get Rid of Sinus Headaches

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sinus headaches

Those looking for information on how to get rid of sinus headaches know how quickly this pain can turn good day into a bad one. Sinus pain occurs when your sinuses are inflamed and, therefore, congested. To make your head feel better, you must find a way to reduce this inflammation, which takes the pressure away from your head. You might find some medication in a pharmacy that is dedicated to this type of pain, but you can also use some household items to make yourself feel better immediately.

1. Take Medication

As was mentioned previously, the first thing that many people do for a sinus headache is take some medication. Some of this medication is specially designed for sinus inflammation and should help ease your pain very quickly. If you do not have any of this over the counter medication on hand, you can take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief. Remember, however, that this medication only treats the symptoms, so you will have to keep taking it until your body fights off whatever is causing your sinus pain.

2. Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is extremely important because it helps your body clean your mucus through your urine or by sweating. Warm water with a slice of lemon or a cup of tea can rehydrate you while soothing your aching head. If you drink a tea containing vitamin C, it can boost your immune system as well, helping you to get over your illness at a faster pace.

3. Steam

Inhaling steam can help clear your sinuses by helping you eliminate excess mucus. A shower is the easiest way to inhale this steam. The steam from the shower moistens the mucus, which cuts down on how much it irritates you. It also reduces the inflammation, so you can breathe easier.

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract

If you do not want to take antibiotics, grapefruit extract does many of the same things. It can sooth a sore throat or help you fight off a sinus infection, which leads to you feeling better in a hurry. Grapefruit seed extract accomplishes this by fighting off the bacteria that has caused you to have a headache in the first place, making it a great way to get yourself feeling better in a hurry.

5. Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Both eucalyptus and peppermint can act as antibiotics. When you inhale either of these products, it not only helps you fight off the bacteria that is causing your headache, but also clears out mucus. If you put a few leaves or extract drops into some boiling water, you can breathe in the steam to get this relief. You can even soak a washcloth in this water and place it over your face and nose to clear out some of this mucus.

6. Neti Pots

These pots have become popular lately because they allow for quick relief of sinus problems. All you do is use the pot to pour some warm water into your nose, which helps clear it out. The one downside is that you cannot do this in public, meaning that it is really only an effective method at home.

7. Get Some Sleep

The more you rest, the better you will feel. Of course, this becomes difficult when suffering from a sinus headache, especially if you have congestion to go along with the headache. Try elevating your head to allow excess mucus to drip out as you sleep. This releases some of the pressure from your sinuses, which makes you feel better. Even taking a few short naps throughout the day will help immensely, as it gives your body the chance to recover. Our bodies work to fight off whatever ails us naturally, so giving the body a chance to work does a great deal of good.

8. Follow a Healthy Diet

You might find it difficult to worry about what you eat when you have a sinus headache, but try to choose foods high in vitamin C and vitamin B-complex, as they can boost your immune system. Stay away from junk food, while focusing on a balanced diet. This healthy diet provides your body with energy, which you need to keep your immune system in good shape.

9. Determine the Cause

If your sinus headache is the result of a cold or the flu, you must follow all of the steps necessary to ease the pain and help yourself to feel better. If the headache is the result of allergies, however, it will help to simply move away from the allergen. While you can still follow the same techniques to eliminate the pain, moving yourself from that environment will ensure that it does not become a lengthy problem.

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