How to Get Rid of Pink Eye

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pink eye

One of the most disturbing things a person can have happen is to wake up with pink eye. This can often be an upsetting condition for people to experience as the white of the eye turns pink. Typically, this is caused by a bacterial infection and will often need to be treated quickly. While some people will seek out medical attention from a doctor, there will be other solutions available to you as well.

The first thing you will need to note is the symptoms of pink eye or conjunctivitis. They include:

  • A crusty discharge coming from one or both eyes. In a viral infection there will be more water, while a bacterial infection will typically have a green discharge.
  • Allergies can appear to be pink eye; however the eye will be extremely itchy and watery. There will not usually be crust that builds up when you experience this condition.
  • Bacterial infections will spread between both eyes, while the viral pink eye will usually be isolated to a single eye.
  • With the exception of an allergy related pink eye, this is a contagious condition.

In most cases, pink eye will be treated with medication that can be provided by your doctor. Typically, the medication prescribed will be an eye drop that you can use. There will be other medication choices as well. Because of this, your doctor will need to take the time to inspect your eye and call in a prescription for you.

Should you find that you are unable to make it to a doctor, there are a few alternative options you will have at the same time. These are going to be items that can have a considerable impact on the experience that you have with this condition as well.

1. Hot Wash Cloth

Take for example the ability to place a hot wash cloth over your eye each day. Since the conjunctivitis bacteria is unable to hold up in heat, place the wash cloth in the hottest water you can handle that has been mixed with a tablespoon of salt. Place this over your eye and then let it set there for a few minutes several times over the day. This will help to kill the bacteria and can help you to reduce the duration of treatment as well.

2. Warm Saline Solution

Warm saline mixtures can also be used as well. Use an eye rinse that has some sodium content in it and splash it in your eyes five times daily. Chances are this will burn some, but it will also kill the bacteria at the same time. You will find that with regular use, you will be able to reduce the duration and severity of the infection that you experience by doing this.

3. Avoid Certain Food Ingredients

With any infection you have, sugars and starch should be avoided. You will find that these foods create the perfect living conditions in your body and this can help to increase the amount of inflammation you experience, along with extending the duration of the pink eye as well. In addition to this, it will be important to drink plenty of water.

4. Tea Bags

Tea bags will also prove to be effective when placed over the eye. What you will find is that the acid content in tea can help to kill the bacteria that are growing in your eyes. Just make sure you moisten the teabags in warm water and then place the warm teabag on your eyes for the best results. You can leave them there for up to five minutes. Just make sure that if you do this method that you avoid placing any tea bags with liquid on your face that can cause burning.

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