How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

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old furniture

It is exciting getting new furniture, particularly when you have been waiting a long time to get it, however it does leave you with one unique issue. How do you get rid of old furniture? Broken down couches, tables with weak legs, wobbly kitchen chairs and much more can seem really difficult to get rid of; however, you do have several options you might not have considered.

  1. Do you have grandma’s old rocker or your uncles buffet table? Chances are someone in the family might be interested in picking it up. Even items that are going to need restored could have some sentimental value to family members so it is always best to check with them before selling, junking or donating furniture items. Items with no family history could still be useable to someone in your circle of friends and family!
  2. The items you have will largely determine how you should go about selling them. Do you have an antique or two that you simply no longer have room or need of? This is probably not an item you want to sell in a yard sale! Your hundred-year-old china cabinet would do better in an antique consignment shop.
    Other items can be sold in various ways, including online auctions, classified ads in local paper, garage sales and Craigslist or similar sites. Use your common sense when selling any item online as these ads go out to a worldwide audience.
  3. For the furniture in your home that you would simply like to give away, there are also several options. Again, you can go to the internet and search out local grassroots organizations such as free cycle, or you could run a free ad in your newspaper. The nice thing about online advertisements is you can add photos easily, making people more inclined to call. Let’s face it many people see the word “free” and automatically think “junk”, pictures are a good way to put their minds at ease.
  4. Most areas have different charitable organizations that will take your used furniture off your hands. Consider calling the local chapter of the Salvation Army, they may even be able to pick up your donations free of charge. Many of these charities will take your items and sell them in a thrift shop to raise money to help the poor and needy.
  5. Your town or city may have an annual “clean up” day where you can sit out any junk you would like to be rid of on the curb. City clean ups are generally scheduled through city hall and may have specific requirements on placement. Call your local officials to check on times, dates and specifics.
  6. If your trash pickup is city or county operated, they may have a provision for picking up furniture and large items that will not fit in a trash bag. Some locals allow only one piece per week and others may require you to call and schedule pick up time and location.
  7. Can you refinish your old furniture and bring it back to life? Sometimes all you need is some sandpaper, varnish or paint to completely transform a piece of furniture. In other cases, repurposing it may be the best solution. You have probably seen this in action before, hence the bathtub planter, television cabinet aquarium, dresser/entertainment center and more.
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