How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

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neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles are an issue that many people strive to find a solution for, and there are several ways that you can help this problem. The largest cause of wrinkles around your neck area is old age, which causes the collagen and elastin in your body to decrease. You may find that wrinkles are a part of getting older; however, there are several factors that can help to reduce wrinkles.

Regaining the youthful appearance in your neck area is essential for some people, and this can be done through lifestyle changes, and beauty regimes. In extreme cases, you may need to have surgery to remove the neck wrinkles. However, prevention is far better than cure, and there are many things that you can do to help with the wrinkles.

1. Wrinkle Creams

Using the correct beauty regime is incredibly beneficial, and can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent the wrinkles getting worse. Any anti aging skin care routine that you perform on your face can be extended to your neck. Wrinkle cream can help to rejuvenate the skin which has become loose.

2. Sun Screen

Using sun screen is essential every time that you go out in the sun, as the skin under your chin and around your neck is incredibly sensitive. Regardless of what time of year, you are likely to burn which can cause the skin to become damaged. Exposing your skin to the sun is incredibly dangerous, and can cause other problems alongside wrinkles.

3. Exercise Routine

Exercise is a fantastic way to ensure that your skin remains healthy and that the risk of neck wrinkles is reduced. Every form of exercise that you perform will increase the oxygen in your body, and help to deliver the nutrients to your skin cells. As the blood circulation is increased, your skin will look and feel far healthier.

4. Keep Your Head Up!

Keeping your head up when reading, watching TV and using the computer, will ensure that the skin around your neck remains tight and less likely to cause wrinkles. Far too many people look down when performing these activities, therefore, causing the skin to crease and create wrinkles. Raising the computer and TV screen will ensure that it is at a level which is comfortable.

5. Get Rid of Pillows

Reducing the number of pillows that you have on your bed will also help to prevent neck wrinkles, and allow your skin to relax. If your head is in an un-natural position throughout the night, you will be stretching the skin causing it to become loose. A single pillow is the ideal way to ensure that you receive a healthy night’s sleep and do not help wrinkles to appear.

6. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a fantastic way to help your skin, reduce wrinkles, and also improve your health. Smoking will destroy the collagen in your body, and limits the amount of oxygen, which is found in the skin. The areas with a thin amount of skin such as your neck will be affected before other areas. Therefore, your neck wrinkles will appear far faster if you smoke, which is an immense reason to quit.

7. Other Alternatives

Plastic surgery may seem an extreme prospect, however, for some people there is no other alternative. If your neck wrinkles are severe, and you have tried all of the preventative measures surgery is often the only solution. Any surgery is a serious procedure; therefore, you have to consider if it is the only option that you have.

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