How to Get Rid of Hiccups

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Hiccups are simply that, hiccups! They can ruin a conversation, create awkward moments during presentations, and always seem to make their debut on a first date. What is a person supposed to do? Well, if there were a rhyme and reason for hiccups we would know by now. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery. So how exactly can you get rid of them if you can’t prevent them? Well, you will need to work with your body in order to stop this irritating process. Usually you will want to increase the carbon dioxide in your blood that will stimulate the back of your mouth or simply alter the pattern of your breath. This will incite your body to stop with the hiccupping and return to normal.

  1. First, try repeatedly swallowing or holding your breath for at least ten seconds. This is by far the most simple and effective way to cure those hiccups! You can try drinking something if that is easier since swallowing air is not nearly as satisfying as drinking something delicious. You can intermittently hold your breath for ten seconds (longer could work too) to optimize the effect. Try plugging your nose and ears and then swallowing – this has proven to be quite effective at restaurants when you do not want to make a scene. At this point, your hiccups should be long gone. However, if you still have them, you will have to approach it another way.
  2. Nothing in life is greater than laughing! This works for hiccups as well. By distracting your mind from hiccupping, you can often times stop the process altogether. Try thinking of the most hysterical thing in the world. Whether this is a strange, yet amusing facial expression or a scene from the most absurd movie, think hard and focus on it. Laughing uncontrollably is a sure way of releasing those hiccup demons!
  3. Still not cured? Sigh. That can happen. The most stubborn of hiccup episodes can be so annoying that you may just want to continue hiccupping in an effort to get even with them. But alas, that hardly ever works and only you alone suffer the unbearable annoyance of continual half-convulsions. In this case, try taking a shot of lemon juice or sucking on a spoon of sugar. The lemon juice will send a shock to your senses and make you squirm in bitter revolt. It’s okay though, your hiccups should be gone by now. However, if you’re not a big fan of that tart and unnerving taste, you can always indulge your sugar tooth with straight sugar! Slowly dissolve the sugar under your tongue and let your mouth salivate and coat your throat. This is usually highly effective in ridding yourself of hiccups.
  4. Ultimately, if you still have the hiccups I would suggest crying. No one should continuously hiccup after those remedies. Your body is obviously upset with you and you should respectfully conceded and ride them out. Apparently, you deserve it. Okay, just kidding. If you have persistent hiccups you should definitely seek out a medical professional as it could be indicative of something more serious.
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Mark October 20, 2011 at 4:09 am

I tried to laugh, but I’m too hiccupy :( … A decent cure I found is to have someone cover your ears and to drink a glass of water.


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