How to Get Rid of Gas Pains

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gas pains

Gas pains are anything but tolerable. They can be disorienting and can even leave you nauseated and even bed ridden. Although they can sometimes be very difficult to cure, there are still a number of effective treatments that you can turn to for relief. So if you need help, here are a few simple tricks and secrets to getting rid of gas pains.

  1. Prevention is always better than cure. So stay away from foods or habits that can make you very prone to gas pains. One very good way to do so would be to watch what you eat. If you have experienced gas pains before, then you probably know the different kinds of foods that trigger it. If not, you can start making a food diary listing down the possible culprits that cause the pain. However, there are also certain kinds of foods that have been well-known to especially cause gas. Legumes, grains, cabbages and onions are one of the most common gas inducing foods so stay far away from them as much as you can. Apart from that, eating too much or too fast can easily cause gas as well. So make sure that you regulate your food intake and take your time when eating your meals.
  2. Many people who experience gas pains are also lactose intolerant. If you are one of them, stay away from dairy based foods that can trigger the condition. Different people however, may have different levels of intolerance as well. Some may experience pain after consuming very small amounts of dairy while there are others that can still afford to them at certain amounts.
  3. Wheat allergy can also bring about gas pains and intestinal discomfort. This is actually a very common and widespread problem. Wheat is a common ingredient found in many kinds of foods which has made it a real challenge for those who are allergic to the ingredient. If you are indeed allergic to wheat, then its best that you shift your diet and start eating more wheat free foods instead.
  4. For immediate relief, you can make use of several gas-related medications that are easily available in local grocery stores and pharmacies. One of the most common medications made especially for gas pains is Bean-O, a supplement which contains large amounts of alpha-galactosidase. Alpha-galactosidase can help break down complex carbohydrates found in most kinds of foods that cause gas pains. Another type of medication that is readily available in drug stores is Gas-X, which contains simethicone – a kind of substance that can help reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles inside the digestive tract.
  5. Sometimes, gas problems can also be remedied by certain positions. Breathing deeply with your hands raised over the head and doing side twists or a series of stretching routines have been proven to give relief for some people.
  6. Long term gas pain problems can be a signal of more serious health conditions. If you experience persisting and recurrent pain, it is best that you turn your situation over to medical specialists who can do more thorough diagnostic tests and give you the proper kind of treatment that you need. Remember to never take this kind of pain for granted. Early diagnosis can greatly improve the affectivity of your treatment and prevent further complications.
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