How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

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garlic breath

How to get rid of garlic breath involves only natural and easy remedies. Garlic breath is not something that you want to tolerate for any period of time, unless, of course, you enjoy being isolated and in the company of no one but yourself! While garlic is a great health plus, it can also be adverse to your social life you eat too much of it. If you want to know how to get rid of this nasty condition of bad breath that can be quite the social-life killer, you should follow the upcoming recommendations, regarding which, you can seize the initiative.

1. Drink Green Tea

It all comes down to what you drink, so be sure to drink something effective when it comes down to taking away the smell of garlic from your breath. For example, you should drink more of mint or green tea if you have a bad case of garlic breath. Mint or green tea is known to neutralize the smell of garlic breath in a good amount of time. Fresh lemons are another type of fragrance that can do wonders in your quest of how to get rid of garlic breath. Therefore, either suck on a wedge of lemon, or simply make some lemonade and drink some of it down. The odor of garlic in your mouth can also be neutralized to a great extent by things like alcohol, yogurt and cheese, so you might want to try all of these in turn.

2. Eat Some Parsley

While parsley may not taste very nicely all on its own, the truth of the matter is that parsley is actually quite effective in how to get rid of garlic breath. As little as just one or even two sprigs of parsley to the dish that features garlic can work to counterattack the bad breath that garlic will leave in your mouth!

3. Chew Gum

Gum can be a godsend and a lifesaver that can help you to battle garlic breath with great effect. This proves again how the simplest solutions to problems are sometimes the best and the most effective. For instance, you should chew some gum that has a strong flavor to it, like cinnamon, after the end of a meal. This can work wonders for you if you have a strong need to get rid of your bad case of garlic breath. The reason that chewing some gum is so effective is because it has the tendency to stimulate the production of saliva, which causes the bad garlic odor to be washed out increasingly. Cinnamon also has the effect of lessening the amount of bacteria that is present in your mouth.

4. Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is so essential to fighting bad breath and bad breath that comes from garlic, yet a lot of people are just too negligent of this fact. Proper oral hygiene is an umbrella term and a reference to a whole host of tools and techniques. For example, brushing of the teeth is clearly a huge component of proper oral hygiene, yet it is not the only one or the most important one. In addition to brushing your teeth regularly (up to three times a day), you should also floss, even though you might initially believe that it may not immediately help your case of garlic breath. Further, you also ought to brush your tongue with your toothbrush (some toothbrushes even have a special accessory for just this purpose) to help you get rid of your garlic breath. Mouthwash is perhaps the most important aspect of oral hygiene that you can employ to get rid of your garlic breath.

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