How to Get Rid of Flies

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Flies are not only irritating as they buzz noisily around your ears but are also harbingers of several diseases since they usually arrive at your home after standing on foods that are infested with dangerous germs. Flies may look like harmless buzzers but in fact they are very dangerous since they not only bring home deadly viruses but also lay eggs on the very food that they consume so that their offspring can have a ready buffet at birth.

1. Dispose Uncovered Food

Although flies usually love to feast on rotting meat, vegetables, excreta, etc, that might have been left in your garbage can or in your garden in case you have pets, they can also be attracted to your home after their feast. They can thus infect your fruit bowl or drinking glass once their feet touch these items. They can also inhabit dark corners in your home such as your attic and basement, and start a big family within days. Your first step towards redemption from this problem should be to shift all uncovered food and water into sealed bins or to dispose off those items as soon as possible.

2. Install Insect Screens

Another method to prevent flies from entering your home is to simply install an insect screen on your doors and windows. However, this might not work perfectly especially if you have small children and pets constantly moving in and out of your home. You can at least restrict the number of flies entering your home with this method. Whether your home is infested with house flies or fruit flies, you need to get them out of your home before they start laying their eggs inside the house. If they have entered your home then you can buy ready-made sticky fly papers that entice the flies towards them and lead them to a sticky death. You can also make your own sticky fly paper by using sticky sweet syrup that is partly dried over a piece of absorbent paper. Once the fly’s legs touch the paper, it will get stuck to it and you can now leave the paper outside your home or throw it in the garbage along with the fly.

3. Insect Buzzers and Insecticide Sprays

You can also purchase insect buzzers that use an electric current to shock not only flies but also other flying insects in case your problem consists of several flying pests. You can also spray insecticides that contain Diethyl-m-toluamide or DEET to kill them although you will need to ensure that this chemical does not fall near food, children or pets. If you are in the mood for some exercise then you can simply buy a manual or portable electric fly-swatter and swat each fly individually. The key is to ensure that not a single fly remains in your home. You should also seal all small openings in your home so that they do not have any space to hide and breed.

4. Prevention

Although flies might only seem to buzz around your home, in reality they can carry several dangerous diseases right into your home. It is important that you prevent their entry itself or quickly eliminate any flies that you observe in your home. A high level of hygiene in and around your home will ensure that you and your loved ones remain free from these perky pests.

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