How to Get Rid of Bunions

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How to get rid of bunions is a typical question for those people trying to ease the pain that comes from this common complaint. Bunions are those large and inflamed joints at the outside of the big toe. The area around it becomes red, irritated and sore, and the entire joint often becomes swollen. All of this can cause the big toe to turn inward and sometimes overlap the toe next to it.

Genetics are sometimes the cause of bunions due to structural imbalances, which can lead to further problems as well. Along with this, there are other genetic predispositions, which may also lead to bunions such as the tendency toward arthritis. Other things that can bring on the incidence of bunions are weight gain and incorrectly fitting or inefficient shoe support.

Here are some things that will help you learn how to get rid of bunions.

1. Change Shoes

Change the style of shoes you are wearing. While it is not true that tight shoes cause bunions, it is true that they can actually make the condition worse by irritating the site of the sore foot. Shoes with a wide toe area can help relieve the condition, and you should always avoid wearing high heels. High heels only serve to put more pressure and irritation on that area of the foot.

2. Reduce Irritation

Prevent irritation and further aggravation of the condition by placing adhesive pads over the affected area. These can be obtained either over-the-counter at your local pharmacy or by prescription from your physician. By reducing the irritation causing your pain you may be able to get rid of bunions altogether.

3. Steroids

Ask your doctor if they recommend steroid shots. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, much of the swelling that is frequently associated with bunions can be relieved with the simple injection of steroids. This process does however; have to be repeated about every 6 to 8 weeks for it to be completely effective.

4. Manipulate Big Toe

Some professionals recommend that people suffering from the pain and irritation of bunions manipulate the big toe by massaging it and moving it in all directions on a regular basis. They also recommend that sufferers massage the ball of the foot as well. This should be done every day and when possible several times a day for the most benefit.

5. Reduce Swelling

Reduce the swelling by applying ice to the affected area several times each day. This not only will help to reduce the swelling, but it will reduce the pain as well. Pain and swelling are the most frequent cause of pain and when you remove those, the pain may go away.

6. Tennis Ball Therapy

Spend some time each day rolling your foot around on a tennis ball. You can do this by taking off your shoes and setting the tennis ball on the floor. Place your foot on top of the tennis ball while applying a little pressure then roll it around in all directions; backwards, forward, clockwise, and counterclockwise for several minutes. This might be something you would want to do each evening after settling in for the night.

7. Custom Orthotics

Obtain a prescription from your foot doctor for custom made orthotics. This will help to place your foot into proper alignment so that it will take the strain off the joint of your big toe. Doing so will help to eliminate some of the cause of the pain.

8. Retrain Your Toes

It is possible to retrain your toes to lie correctly in your shoes. Using a thick rubber band, you can loop it around both of your big toes. Once in place stretch the rubber band by spreading your feet apart. This will result in pulling your big toes away from the toes next to them. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat several times in a row, and do this frequently throughout the day.

9. See Your Podiatrist

Visit with your podiatrist about therapy options that are available which may help to cure the bunion. Since it is well known that some foods can cause inflammation in some individuals, you may be able to eliminate those from your diet. Speak with your physician about the possibility of surgery for the permanent solution to your problem if your bunion has caused deformities to your feet.

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orthotic shoes April 2, 2012 at 10:22 pm

My dad has this bunion issue, till now i was thinking that may be he has that type of shape but by reading these post i realize its bunions.Thanks for the tips i will now surely make my dad to follow these tips to get rid of bunions.


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